40's today's new 20's

40s is the new 20s

We all surely go through a period which is referred as midlife crisis-which means a period much more turbulent than even adolescence but today I feel the word crisis is just a misnomer and how this time can be time for freedom, time for renewal and time for second chances- 40s is actually today's 20s.

The term midlife crisis has been more in talks now a days because the stress levels are high and its killing people and forcing them to ask this question to self-what am I doing to myself?

Imagine a situation - you have worked back to back from Monday to Wednesday - its 8.30pm and you are caught in traffic jam-you are then asking yourself - what am I doing? Why am I doing this??

Midlife is according to me your journey back home then, your journey to self.

At 20 - your priorities are-make money, name, you want to experience power but in 40s -

You have that strong need for fulfillment, you need a goal and you want to drive towards integrity.

Hobbies and personal goals come calling back. The two words we want to get back in our lives are relevance and significance

In my case I did recruitments for a very long time - it was like a job - though not job in literal terms - but it was not my choice but an option available so that I could earn and take care of my family-my growing kids

I did try doing a researcher's job, tried being part of an event management company - I mean it didn't have drudgery of job but had status, power, recognition.

But there was still something missing I thought - My internal satisfaction-that's calling...

I knew I enjoyed training-there was adrenaline release when I did it-Its now or never

And that's how I got into training and trust me I have not worked since then. All the aspects of this profession, be it learning different modules, developing content , delivering and networking..every aspect of it is just me..more I work I derive more energy to do almost everything that I always thought I should do.

I can feel the overflowing energy within and I feel I should reach out to everyone around to charge them, I am in the process of rebuilding, trying to do things out of my comfort zone..and oh boy! It's so very exciting.

It becomes important at 40-I want to love what I do and I want to be great at it-

All that you wanted at 20 you actually have it at 40-you are comparatively more settled , have time and I think it's the time you go ahead and do what you always wanted to do.

A bird is born twice-once when it comes out of the egg and secondly when it knows to fly-I think this is the time to take a flight.

So let me sum it up by saying-at 40 you are actually a child again except that you have your own car and credit card too.