Magical Journey of Facilitation

All group heads, General Managers and Directors sitting in one room for a workshop which would lead them to "Vision 2020".

A challenge much beyond my ken, I had to break the invisible barriers between them. And for the workshop to be successful it had to have stimulating discussions leading to generation of ideas, but it had to be their ideas.

I could feel the pressure due to "the power" inside the room and was anxious whether my planned facilitation tool would do the trick or no.

I had learnt the "Visual Facilitation tool" from Ajit Kamath-A Senior Facilitator, and now a dear friend, in one of the IAF sessions - "Jamboori". He used it for warming us up for the session ahead. But I felt it would be ideal to use this tool to set the stage for the workshop quickly .. it would allow them to open up and reflect in completely trusted atmosphere .. and the real issues would surface .. which would lead them to further discussions ... and it did

When I decided to use this tool with a little twist I thought, it would be ideal to discuss with the master himself-"Ajit" and it indeed helped me understand the intricacies and complexities involved in using this tool for this particular plot. Ajit is very passionate about training and facilitation - I could feel the passion from his instructions to minute details like what kind of background music would be ideal..I had my brows raised…they are still there!!!(haha...)

The process worked amazingly well in the said plot-created the drama and reached the climax.

Every time I use a new facilitation tool- I am amazed at the results…and actually say it in my mind "Oh it really happening"

I think IAF is the best thing that happened to me as a Trainer...