His care is her wish

What a woman seeks in her partner, is an eternal question and has no definite answer.

I got varied answers from my interactions and discussions with numerous women as friends, sister and also as a trainer since I have a workshop called Durga-only for women, which allows me to freely interact with them and hear their heart out. Here goes my synopsis.

Before marriage man is anyway trying to woo her, but the real journey starts after marriage.

There she is - in your family setup, completely different from the setup she has been part of. Smiles she receives are welcoming though she knows each one is judging with their own filters of what is right and what is wrong. She is anxious, fearful, worried, and hopeful of approval, but hey man you have no idea what your support means to her at that time. She expects you to hold her hand when she is in self-doubt or hurt. Hey man, do not let her go to sleep-upset. You are her anchor which she is holding on to face this storm. Put your arm around her shoulder, kiss her on her forehead and just let her know-you two are together in this journey. Just make her feel you care…

There she is - an exciting new phase in her life is about to begin. She is going to be a mother, there are lot of biological changes she will be facing, life is never going to be same again, she has her own doubts about her ability to cope up as a mother. Its not a project it’s a lifetime commitment she is getting into and she doesn’t want to go wrong, but she will and hey man, she needs your understanding at that time. She needs you to wine and dine but now she also wants you to build pillow forts while talking about future. Remember god has made her capable enough the day he chose her to be a mother. No woman wants her man to take care of her problems, she only wants him to want to do it. Be part of her journey, understand her emotional swings and offer her every help which makes her feel you care.

There she is, at a new juncture again, kids have grown up and have taken their flight and suddenly she sees and experiences that void in her life, all her life so far she never got a chance to think about herself, she has forgotten how it feels like, she is experiencing sudden emptiness. Her body is aging, her beauty is fading and the only thing that will make her smile now is the feeling that you are with her and you care…