Change your thought and face any challenge

At no stage in life you can say now life cannot surprise me, amuse me, challenge me because you are just a small warrior and life will keep throwing different arrows at you, either you face it or fight it head on or accept you are not fit for it any more…your choice.

Once you are done with it, just get ready for the next

After 12 years of training experience when you just think that its going to be a smooth run, pandemic hits. You are not prepared, virtual sessions is not your craft neither you thought it can create that value which you offer in person. But now in Covid era you are not left with any choice-you learn the game, new rules and still make your way.

You actually start enjoying and feel amused that so much could still happen virtually you would have never even imagined.

And then you get a new challenge-four sessions of two hours each in one day. Oh its not that simple-you will give same session to different batches, since its virtual you do more talking though certain interactive conversations were planted. Technology has its own limitations and challenges so you keep back up plan A/back up plan B. Also one needs to show more energy and extra voice modulation as one has limited options to keep audience stay interested in what you are sharing.

I knew this is going to be difficult but I took it up, by end of third session my jaws started paining, vocal cords were giving up and after every tool I discussed in the session, every example I gave…little voice inside me asked-“have I shared this with them already? Am I repeating it?”

Somehow I survived through last and fourth session and I tried keeping my energy and enthusiasm intact.

When I got up, I had backache, my feet were swollen and my vocal cords were refusing to function.

I had one more day to go with same challenge, I had to give a right signal to my brain and body.

I thought of theatre actors-especially Prashant Damle who has a record of doing 5 shows of same Marathi drama in a day. Not once-days after days..again and again..How repetitive it must have been for him- but each time for the audience it’s an first time experience, so he has to get that energy, those emotions to give them fulfilling experience. I realised how difficult the job must have been for him and each actor who does such repeat shows.

I got my answer, I suddenly felt its so doable and one change in thought, one inspiring idol just changed my energy-and I was rearing to face the challenge next day-I wanted to just take it head on…and it was a smooth sail.

One thought can change your attitude, energy and choice-yes its true