Customer Satisfaction - Makes or Breaks your brand

Meet Ravi...for me...someone who gave me unforgettable customer care experience.

Just to cut the long story short -

We finalized on an AC unit in Reliance digital show room at Vashi, invoice was raised and card swapped...just the normal thing to do

But unfortunately, the machine refused to give the transaction confirmation slip.

And we got SMS confirmation from Bank for the said amount, Ravi was in charge and said-as there was an error in machine for payment - you may have to swipe the card again.

Me and my husband - both of us completely refused his suggestion as we had already received SMS from Bank though Ravi confirmed from his side that money had not been transferred to Reliance account, it only meant that our money was in suspended account and it could go either way.

Ravi was as cool as cucumber and empathised with our anger and anxiousness, to my surprise he offered me a solution going completely out of way just to assure me the best service from Reliance.

He said - he will swipe his own card-get me my AC delivered and only when I am sure about my money reversal to my bank I could pay him back with cheque, I my mind my Behavioral Trainer part was in complete awe...

Here was a live example of "Customer Satisfaction is THE thing which makes or breaks your brand"

It took almost 7 days for me to get back to Ravi as bank takes its own time for these transactions, but not once he called me to check with me about the status.

From where did this trust was he so sure about things would go right…his hard earned money was at stake...but with his behaviour he has won a loyal customer forever for Reliance Digital Show room...Ultimately its people like Ravi-make or break the brand.