Facilitating 90 odd Students

Facilitation tool-AI used for Vision Setting-2015

It was conducted at Saffron Suite Mumbai - on 15th and 16th May

No of participants- Group Heads From all Branches-20 NO.

Workshop Objective-Vision for Change

Introducing Appreciative Inquiry

A Facilitative tool called Appreciative Inquiry was used

Changing the Way You Think

Four D model

The Four I Model

Defining the problem areas-

For Defining Problems, Challenges and issues a Facilitative tool called "World Café" was used and it showed how effectively participants can be involved in voicing out the challenges, This tool takes care of those participants who are otherwise unwilling to involve themselves.

Following Topics were introduced for brainstorming and presented by groups which were essentially a mix of departments.

Appreciative Inquiry Interview Style

Influencing Change Through AI

It was evident that participants were charged and geared up to take XYZ Ind. on new heights.

Because the tool

Every time I use a new Facilitation tool I am anxious but every time it ensures results and what else can make a facilitator happier?