Find Durga Within-workshop for women


In my heart I knew all along... Its going to be a huge connect to my audience. It did…all of us went through emotional ride... huge laughter... reliving certain experiences... sharing pain. I believe empowering is required for women-across the cultures, life stages and women with all economic back-grounds... It may be perceived that challenges are more at bottom... but it's a myth. Only the type of challenges changes... but the fact remains that many a times we think we are missing on that inner power - inner urja... to meet the challenge

Being master of your problem and not a victim... is the key

And how do you do that... My job was to make them aware of their Shakti within..DURGA within. My job was to make them aware... and knowing happened... just happened.

Result... tears flowing down the cheeks... hugs and completely different body language. Women who never spoke to anyone... made presentations on their problems and their solutions... amazing experience...

At the end of workshop - I was choked with the response I got... In my mind I thanked "Maa Durga" for giving me such an opportunity to touch their lives in such a beautiful way... I am still not out of my Haze.

My personal salute to all those DURGAs I met yesterday.