Power Of Appreciation

And there we were in Bangkok...shopping

I understood what it means by "Shop till you drop"…we were exhausted and the right decision was to take a break, have some food and then go for some more shopping...Bangkok spoils you with choice when it comes to clothes and bags...and all this at much lower price than in Mumbai.

We went on top floor of the mall where eateries were available and a normal choice would have been to locate Indian outlet and play safe. But we were in mood to try Thai food and ignoring expectant eyes of Indian vendor we went ahead to an old Thai lady. She was around 70 years or may be more but her charming smile just made me stop there...I generally looked at menu, asked her few questions and realised she didn’t understand English. With all my skills and possible gestures, we made the order for some rice dishes and soup which she suggested we should try. May be it was rare experience for her to have an Indian customer...I could see a surprise and a question mark in her eyes.

But her question mark made me feel doubtful...may be she didn’t quite understand what I said...and before I could repeat my order and get into explanation mode, I saw she was already into process of making food ready. I just saw her engrossed in her work, there was passion on her face...she was doing what she loved the most...I was sure…it was her passion for cooking made her work at that age with that energy. For a second I thought she was completely disconnected from world…and there she was with bowls of soup and rice. She kept it on counter and looked at me victoriously...I was trying to decipher what that smile meant...

I knew she was looking at me while I carried the food tray to my table…The hot soup looked inviting, I dipped my spoon and took that first sip...and flavours of lemon grass, ginger and prawns together made me feel heavenly...it was comforting…soothing to core…I could feel my soul was delighted.

And before I could take another spoonful of that soup...I felt those eyes were still on me...I just looked at her again…she was anxiously looking at me to check whether what she served was to my liking or no...

I smiled and made hand gestures - confirming her that she has served me excellent soup…her face lit up…her eyes shined and her lips smiled… That moment was magical...my validation made her happy and I found presence of god in her satisfied smile.

After finishing that divine soup, I went back to her…did "Namaste-The Indian style of giving respect" and conveyed what I felt for her…her eyes were almost moist.

I asked her if I could take a photo with her...and she said yes...

The episode just confirmed power of true appreciation and every persons greatest need is to feel appreciated.