Just watched a marathi movie "Pravas", and since yesterday there was a whirlwind of thoughts in my mind that I had to pen down. I am definitely not giving you the storyline or any spoliers as I want you to enjoy the movie experience if all you choose to watch it.

But if I have to still share the crux of the entire movie in one line, it is –‘जो शेष है वो ही विशेष है’

“jo shesh hai wohi vishesh hai”

Translated: Whatever is remaining is more important.

(refers to the number of years remaining in life)

The movie features an elderly person as a protagonist but I think today especially with this pandemic -the great Covid challenge, nobody really knows how much is शेष (SHESH)...frankly we anyway don’t know how much is शेष (shesh)-pandemic or no pandemic

But we do take life either for granted or play the victim. We don’t value the resources we have, the education our parents gave us, the experience we gained, life luxuries, wealth or even that fresh air one breaths in.

The question we must ask ourselves is ‘what are we doing with it?’ Or we play victim, ‘how I wish I had …’

Any sentence that starts from- ‘how I wish I had …’ is you playing a victim, but are we even aware about it? How frequently do we hear people talking about some episode in childhood which is stopping them from doing something even after 10 years?

When are we planning to take charge and operate like a HERO in our life story?

The fact is that you always have a choice. Because whatever you have right now is good enough for you to start, so just start, just go for it. The finish line of it may fall on either side of your life line. But as I said earlier, we just don’t know when the end of life is, so instead of waiting or wondering, can’t we take that first step towards what we always wanted to do.

Its never too late, don’t die with the regret ‘I never tried’, or as Todd Henry says “Die Empty”.

Let’s not make the crematorium a place where people lie with regrets of untried idea, unfulfilled wishes, unreconciled relatioinships, untravelled paths and the list goes on.

So at what age you must declare that you are done? The answer is NEVER

Martin Luther King Jr. aptly answers by saying, “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

Remember our most important resource is number of breaths, please justify God’s precious gift.