Reverse Psychology X

Consciously plant in subconscious and results change

A few years ago, the Bose Acoustics Corporation had a new product, the Bose Wave Music System. And their ad campaign for it was not successful - it said - "Hear something completely new"

Until they changed one thing - "Hear what you’ve been missing."

And that caused buyers interest shot up. And resulted in huge sale.


Because with something new, people are uncertain, and when they are uncertain,they feel they are entering unknown territory-scary..right?

People want to avoid losses. With new insight- what the Bose marketers did, they put it at the top of the ad: "Something you will lose, something you will miss."

No one wants to miss on something..

This is a classic example of Pre-suation( From Robert Cialdini’s book)
'Pre-suasion is the practice of getting people emotional to your message before they experience it. It's the ability to cause people to have something at the top of their consciousness that makes them receptive to your message that's yet to come'

What you say or hear just before you deliver your message or performance that leverages your success tremendously

Another interesting example -

The best salesman before starting his talk said-"I left something in my car, can I get your key to let myself in once I fetch what I need?"

What is the trick of salesman that worked for the pricey consultant?

He created a sense of trust-who do you think would be given key and access to your cabin except someone you really trust?

That made people more likely to buy what he was selling, as he created a mindset in them that they are dealing with a trustworthy person

In both cases we see the other side was tricked unknowingly
1-in Bose Acoustic case-sense of FOMO worked
2-the salesman case-he subconsciously planted trust and they did

Many examples are popping in my mind

Reality show-sob stories, Magicians uttering few words before starting the act..and list goes on.

What examples/case studies are coming to your mind?