Reverse Psychology XIV

Power of Reactance to word NO /DON'T

Every toddler begins to learn the word "no" as a part of developing their own independence and personality and its as early as 18 months to 2 years..may be the first expression which he understands and uses in defence for his craving for independence and autonomy.

Toddler or teenager, when told not to do something you see an strong urge to do it as rebel or part of curiosity to see what happens if done what was told not to be done?

Adults when told to eat leafy vegetables or have an exercise routine-they refuse, even when they know its for their own good-there is a strong voice inside-'you don't tell me what to do and what not to do'

when you label something as the forbidden fruit ,you ultimately make them want it even more, though they might not have desired it in the first place. we all know the story thereafter-right?

you get agitated when your spouse asks you to fetch grocery on the way back home, even when you had plans to do it already, so you pick a fight.

The behaviour is purely psychological and is known as 'reactance'

Now this well known, well established psychological behaviour is used big way as an influencing technique-we just fall in trap without knowing its 'Reverse psychology' working on our minds.

DON’T read this if you are a coward…you know this title is actually instigating you to read.

When someone says, "I DON'T want to tell you that, I am great"-they have anyway said it and you were forced to hear.

Titles in videos on YouTube. When you see a title that challenges your intelligence by using words like "you won't believe" or "you don't know," the brain is automatically challenged to say otherwise, and makes you want to watch the video even more, just to prove it wrong.

Just see the pic-It says DON'T connect with politics-oh yeah!

It forces you to connect and see the parallel in current politics.

I know lots and lots of examples right now running in your mind already-share them-lets have fun