Reverse Psychology XII

Being Concrete to present powerful ideas and sell them easily

Burger King posted a video on YouTube of a Whopper burger decomposing and growing mouldy, getting decayed.

Imagine showing the best loved burger decaying in your own advertisement!

It was definitely a huge risk, but Burger King is known for bizzare ad campaigns and each time mocking its rival 'Mc Donalds' and stealing its market share of burger.

It was done for establishing credibility of the brand.

Credibility can be established on its own merits by sharing more details or statistics, but there is another more powerful way which comes under Reverse psychology domain is establishing credibility by being more 'concrete'.

The stunt was part of the chain's campaign to highlight its move away from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

"At Burger King we believe that real food tastes better," Fernando Machado, Restaurant Brands International's chief marketing officer, said in the press release. "That's why we are working hard to remove preservatives, colors, and flavors from artificial sources from the food we serve in all countries around the world."

The ad worked like magic as people believed in burger King is safer than its rival McDonalds!

Now lets learn from what they did-

Decaying burger in Burger King's ad?-definitely drew attention, the first and most important step in each ad campaign

and it clearly articulated the brand value to target audience. People don't want to work hard to figure out what you're trying to tell them. 'It was concrete and crystal clear'.

                 'Being Concrete is important
                we must present our ideas in term of sensory information. This is where most of the business communication goes awry.
                Speaking concretely is the only way to ensure that our idea means the same thing to everyone in the audience'.

From Book-Make your ideas stick