Tell a story or else it dies..

Few posts of my dear friend Anju on her super fitness regime and post workout super healthy option of breakfast made me think… its worth a try. So today’s breakfast was sprouted chana with liberal sprinkle of onion, spiced up with lemon juice and dash of green chilli , banana and home made whey protein shake. It was yummy, healthier option and my body nodded happily from inside after consuming.

There are few who love social media and few who hate..nothing new - world is always divided in two - applies to each thought, idea, forum or concept. Those who hate feel its pointless to keep posting things that you do, how you enjoy, what was your thought today, how are you keeping yourself motivated… its avoidable - do it for yourself. They strongly believe that social media sharing comes from a space to “show off or an urge to do TomTom” on everything.

Its also heard from haters that - its very depressing to see all others happy and enjoying.

I feel it’s a choice - for a particular incident, one can get angry or learn forgiveness similarly one has choice to feel jealous or feel inspired. For example, if you see someone singing on social media, and you really liked what you heard, you can actually take inspiration from them and try to reach your best level. It also can work the other way, considering someone whose song or voice is not at par of what you usually would like to hear or isn't that great in general, you can just feel the joy in their happiness.

A post on happy relationship may remind you to work on yours.

A post on exercise regime may remind you of the area you have been neglecting so far.

A post on travel can get you in planning something you have been thinking of for a long.

I have my personal experience to share here..

I had left my Vocal - classical learning mid way for personal reasons, life caught me and then I reached a point where I thought its going to be too difficult to get back to learn classical singing- as one ages, your throat muscles get stiff and if not in practice they go beyond a point of recovery for singing classical songs. I convinced myself that its ok and I can surely enjoy listening if not singing.

It so happened that one of my school friend who is a supremely talented singer, had shared his songs in our group, it was lying there in my regular music list. Four years back I was travelling in the train for reaching a remote place like Shivmogga, I had fever and was worried about next 10 days schedule, I got my ear phones and the list of his songs started, a smooth gentle and a trained classical singer’s voice touched my soul..and tears started flowing on my cheeks… I knew my love for singing and sur had resurfaced… I felt too sad to have left it behind in life journey.

When I came back from the training schedule, I went straight to my singing class teacher, almost after 8 years, I was ready to start from basics, I knew I may not reach far with all that I had lost, but she encouraged me and I got back on track..the journey towards learning… what I loved so much.

Now if my friend would have not shared it, that life changing moment would not have come.

If we see people happy on social media-how can it bother you? Life is anyway challenging, can we not smile seeing others happy? Does it not give you hope that life is not all that bad as people claim?

The proof of right living is in its happiness it manifests, if life is making you miserable - it’s a wrong approach to life, one has to decide for himself/herself.

Remember - You have a choice always..

Love social media or hate, Get inspired or feel jealous. I totally believe - If the story is not told it dies - share the story… make someone smile, get someone inspired.